My Workshop

Here are some pictures of my shop.  My finish shop where I sit and do most of my work is usually quite clean.  It is comfortable with big windows and a good stereo!  I have a drill press, mini mill, disc sander, and all my hand tools in this room.

Attached to it is a small grinding room where I do all my buffing, belt grinding, and discing.  I have a great dust collection system that captures quite a bit but at the very least it keeps the dirty air in that room.  In this room I have a disc grinder, 2 TW-90 belt grinders which are the best, a buffer, and a small band saw.

My forging shop has a dirt floor which I like.  With all the cutting and grinding I like that I don’t have to sweep constantly.  In my forging shop I have my heat treating and bluing equipment, two forged, an anvil, a fantastic custom build press and rolling mill, a big band saw, and a great old abrasive 3B surface grinder.

I hope you get a good feel for where I work.